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Great News!Cisco is allowing Online Testing now, so no more waiting!

Cisco Online non-proctored exams are not new, Systems Engineer exams are a good example of non-proctored online exams that you can do it from your home. Today we are excited to announce a new option to help you meet your certification goals, particularly during these challenging times. Effective April 15, 2020, CIsco will begin delivering certification exams using online proctoring from Pearson VUE. Online proctoring provides you with the ability to pursue the new Cisco Certification exams including the new DevNet track without delay. You also can save time and money since no travel is required.

All written, proctored Cisco Certification exams can be taken online with a few exceptions:

  • 100-110 ENU CCENT (Invitation Only)
  • 352-011 ENU Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam
  • 352-001 ENU Cisco Certified Design Expert Qualification Exam

Online proctored tests can be delivered in most countries around the globe. There are country exceptions for standard restricted countries and China, Japan and Slovenia.
Please note that while exams may be published in multiple languages, greeters, proctors and support staff speak English only.

Cisco Certifications have set the standard of excellence in the IT industry, and we continue to uphold that standard to ensure our certifications deliver the agility you need, the value you expect and set you up for success.

Is the exam price going up?

NO! It’s exactly the same price as if you attend a Pearsonvue Authorized center, however, have in mind:

  • You don’t need to travel, not more time wasted in commuting, fuel, and stress to be on time
  • Some Centers are really busy, so booking in advance is no longer needed

Cisco online testing requirements

To successfully test remotely, qualified candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Access to a quiet, private location
  • Reliable device with a webcam
  • Strong Internet connection
  • OnVUE software
  • Government-issued identification

Before you register, you must perform and pass a system check to participate in online testing.

Cisco is extending the expiration date for all active certifications

The global pandemic has had an impact on every member of the Cisco Certified family. To support your certification goals, we’re extending the expiration date for all active certifications by six months (180 days) as of March 16, 2020. This covers all Cisco and DevNet Specialist, Associate, Professional, and Expert certifications as well as CCT and CCAr.

Your expiration date will automatically be extended, and there is no action required on your part. You will be able to check your personal certification manager page to validate your new expiration date within the next two weeks.

For more details and frequently asked questions, please visit our blog. We value your commitment to Cisco certifications during this challenging and unprecedented time.

A Flashback and a New Busy Year!

Dear Reader,

Thanks to spend your time reading this post on the first day of the new year.

The 2017 was a busy year regards projects and a new area i’ve been exploring myself (Business Development), this is quite new for me but it’s going….

What i mean by Business Development? I’ve been focus only on Engineering (hands-on) which is by far what i really like to do, so i get the implementation plan and GO! Why not dive in the conversation with the customer and understand their challenges, advise what technologies are in the market that really suit them. Presenting cutting-edge technologies and advise the customer is also something i really like.

What do i have for this upcoming year? I’ve done some re-cert’s, like Juniper, VMware and Cisco.
I have do do some re-certs this year too, but i want to focus more on the CCDE than ever, so i’m starting officially today and i hope do the Written in 6 months. I will attend the Cisco Live Barcelona 2018, so i hope get good contacts to push this even further. This is the plan mentally but i know this might has to change a bit.

CCNA Cyber Ops is just around the corner :)

Happy New Year.

IP Express Consulting

If you are looking for consulting services for your projects, upgrade, or suggestions, contact me.


Network Design:
  • Internet connectivity
  • DataCenter/Campus architecture
  • Internet edge connectivity
  • Advanced IP routing environments
  • Device management and monitoring
  • Public Cloud (Azure/AWS/Google)
Security solutions
  • Network Device hardening
  • DMZ design and deployment
  • Firewall configuration review
  • Remote-access VPN deployments
  • PKI
  • Technical papers
  • Whitepapers
  • Network documentation
  • Templating
  • Network/Security Assessment

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    CCIE and VR combined

    It’s not April fools day, so what the title means? No chance to Cisco stay behind the software world! I would expect that Cisco will use VR soon as part of their Collaboration suite

    If you are going to Cisco Live US you can see this two Demos:

    • BeTheRouter (BTR) – in this App, you are the heart and decision maker of what to do with the packets in terms of routing policy, QoS, etc.
    • TroubleshootTheLab (TTL) – in this App, user is presented a real-life-looking data center environment with tasks to rack-and-stack Cisco equipment in 3D such as Routers and Switches, followed by a cabling exercise to connect various devices according to the topology diagram, and troubleshoot a cabling issue fix.

    Shall we expect a 8 hour Lab exam using VR?


    Update 02.06.2017
    Teaser included

    CCIE and CCDE Enhancements on Written Exams

    Cisco announced enhancements to CCIE/CCDE Program just on Written exam, but the big change is a Dual-Monitor at Lab exam. These enhancements will enable candidates to get knowledge of the evolving technologies that organizations are adopting such as cloud, IoT, and network programmability.

    All Expert-Level certification programs will implement the following changes:

    Evolving Technologies

    • A new section titled “Evolving Technologies” will be added to all Expert-Level written exams. Lab exams will not be affected.
    • Candidates can prepare for the “Evolving Technologies” section by viewing Evolving Technologies Study Resources.
    • The written exams will be recalibrated to include the “Evolving Technologies” section, which will have three subdomains and a total of five tasks for which the expected depth of knowledge will be focused on conceptual comprehension.

    Evolving Technologies Domain

    1. Cloud

    1.1: Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models

    • Infrastructure, platform, and software services (XaaS)
    • Performance and reliability
    • Security and privacy
    • Scalability and interoperability

    1.2: Describe Cloud implementations and operations

    • Automation and orchestration
    • Workload mobility
    • Troubleshooting and management
    • OpenStack components

    2. Network Programmability

    2.1: Describe functional elements of network programmability (SDN) and how they interact

    • Controllers
    • APIs
    • Scripting
    • Agents
    • Northbound vs. Southbound protocols

    2.2: Describe aspects of virtualization and automation in network environments

    • DevOps methodologies, tools and workflows
    • Network/application function virtualization (NFV, AFV)
    • Service function chaining
    • Performance, availability, and scaling considerations

    3. Internet of Things

    3.1: Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Performance, reliability and scalability
    • Mobility
    • Security and privacy
    • Standards and compliance
    • Migration
    • Environmental impacts on the network




    Expert-Level Certification Program Evolution

    Reference Material for Evolving Technology

    O CCIE em V’s

    A tabela das versões dos Labs (CCIE) em que se tornaram activas. Supostamente a Cisco informa com 6 meses de antecedência a nova versão. Algumas não foi possível constatar qual a versão pelo que considerei como sendo a v1.

    Track v1 v2 v3 v4 v5
    Routing & Switching  ?  ? ? 18 Out 2009 3 Jun 2014
    25 Jul 2016 (Written)
    Security  ? ? Abr 2009 19 Nov 2012
    25 Jul 2016 (Written)
    Service Provider ? ? 18 Abril 2011 22 Maio 2015
    25 Jul 2016 (Written)
    Collaboration 14 Fev 2014
    25 Jul 2016 (Written)
     ?  ? ? ?
    Data Center Dez 2012  25 Jul 2016
    25 Jul 2016 (Written)
    ?  ?  ?
    SP Operations 2010 Retired
    Wireless  ?  18 Nov 2011 14 Set 2015
    25 Jul 2016 (Written)
    ? ?
    Voice (Retired)
    Storage Networking (Retired)

    Service Provider Operations Retired [email protected]

    CCIE Logo




    CCIE R&S Candidates Announcement – Lab v4.0 Bookings at Capacity

    Conforme já havia comentado num dos posts, a Cisco devido á procura e eventuais reclamações decidiu abrir novos seats. Hoje ligaram-me para marcar novamente exame, o que me deixou em euforia e sob pressĂŁo, mas das boas  :)…. Curiosamente questionei sobre os facilities e garantiram que sĂŁo os mesmos, espero bem que sim para nĂŁo ter que arranjar outra desculpa para um 2 Bang! Agora Ă© prego a fundo!

    O mensageiro da boa nova foi o Sr. Brett Lovins, Community Manager da “The Cisco Learning Network” conforme se pode ver no link Discussions in CCIE Routing & Switching