Dell Networking OS10 using GNS3

Dell OS10

Dell EMC Networking OS10 combines the best of Linux, open computing, and networking to advance open networking disaggregation. OS10 is a transformational software platform which provides networking hardware abstraction through a common set of APIs. You can enable consistency across compute and network resources for your system operator (sysops) groups that require server-like manageability, as … Read more

Cisco Live Barcelona 2018 here i GO!

This is going to be my 2nd Cisco Live, and i’m very excited because i’ve learned a lot over the past 8 years and i’m in a different professional stage at the moment that 8 years ago it was just a dream. I’m a strong believer that these events are important to grow your “networking” … Read more

Cisco Catalyst reborn

Cisco announced a new platform, Catalyst 9k (fixed and modular), a new hit for the Enterprise Architecture. Some of the benefits i’ve captured: Secure segmentation with SD-Access Unmatched 60W POE on every access port DNA Center IoT readiness Cloud readiness IOS-XE UADP 2.0 StackWise Virtual IEEE1588 MACsec256 Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) Licensing mode changed (no … Read more

My Recap from Cisco Vegas 2016

Let’s make it clear, i wish to be there! I read really some cool stuff this year in, and i want to share with you my favourite topics: Cisco HyperFlex Systems Cisco Tetration Analytics Cisco Spark Cisco DNA Security Related (Ransomware,etc) References: IO Visor Project BRKCOM-1125 – Hyper-converged Computing  PSODCN-2375 – Introduction to Cisco … Read more

BGP Free Core

“BGP Free Core” is a typical topology in MPLS Service Provider Networks where you run IGP+Label. This allows traffic to transit over devices which don’t know traffic final destination, instead they look only for labels, bring more performance at the end. MPLS allow applications such as L2VPN, L3VPN and much more. Normal Forwarding In normal … Read more

Hot and Cold Potato in ISP Kingdom

Some ISP’s tend to use different strategies or priorities in handling traffic across Backbone, some maybe because running out of capacity or by policy. In hot-potato routing, an ISP hands off traffic to a downstream ISP as quickly as it can “closest exit routing”. In opposite way Cold-potato routing ISP carries traffic as far as … Read more

Cisco is raising up CCDA and CCDP to v3

Cisco is moving CCDA and CCDP to v3. What topics were added/removed? DESGN Topics Removed from the DESGN Exam: Describe developing business trends Describe network management protocols and features Describe network architecture for the enterprise Identify Cisco technologies to mitigate security vulnerabilities Topics Added to the DESGN Exam: Describe the Cisco Design lifecycle – PBM … Read more

Open Switch continua a crescer

Poderemos em breve ver switches com um brand á medida? A Facebook talvez seja um dos primeiros a fazê-lo… Atualmente dependemos muito do hardware dos fabricantes onde o software é desenhado especificamente para essa plataforma. Com isto não é possível desagregar o hardware do software de forma alguma… A Facebook em conjunto com a Open … Read more

Update exame CCNP Routing and Switching v2

A certificação CCNP Routing and Switching será renovada em breve para a versão 2, consultar o link CCNP Routing and Switching para mais detalhes. A Cisco disponibiliza a CCNP exam combination tool para facilitar os exames necessários para quem realizou alguns do antigo curso. A versão do IOS para esta nova versão é a 15.2 … Read more

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