Cisco ESA Secure Email Upgrade from 13.5 to 14.2 Release

Cisco Fire Jumper

Performing Upgrade Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliance(tm) Upgrade Note: From Async OS 14.2 version onwards, the Sender Domain Reputation verdict names have changed. For example, the ‘Tainted’ and ‘Weak’ verdict names are merged as one verdict known as ‘Neutral’. During the upgrade, the system automatically updates the Sender Domain Reputation message and content filter configurations … Read more

Be a Cisco Champion 2024

Cisco Champion program is looking for the best and the brightest tech enthusiasts who are also active members of the community. If this sounds like you, then submit your application for the 2024 Cisco Champion Program. Cisco Champions are an elite group of technical experts who are passionate about IT and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, … Read more

Cisco Firepower Forbidden- you don’t have permission to access

After re-image FPR2110 from FTD to ASA9.8.2, the chassis (FXOS) mgmt interface UI become unaccesible giving the following error “Forbidden- you don’t have permission to access / on this server”. In a nutshell, i could access FXOS via SSH and ASA (SSH & HTTPS) but the FXOS Chassis Management was broken. After spend some time, … Read more

Redundant interfaces not supported on FXOS platforms

Cisco Firepower

The documentation might get you a bit confused, but after have a chat with Cisco TAC they shed some light…..Unfortunately this design is not supported, so if you are migrating from a Old Cisco ASA platform it’s time to redesign and avoid redundant interfaces. So i had to move those interfaces to port-channel, so the … Read more

Cisco SecureX Series on Youtube

I’ve started a series on youtube called Cisco SecureX Series, this is purely a walkthrough of all different possible integrations and do some real live Orchestration demos. Death to PowerPoint slides! Intro to SecureX Series What is Cisco SecureX Cisco SecureX Quick Tour Dashboard Cisco Umbrella Integration Cisco Meraki Integration Cisco Advanced Malware Protection Integration … Read more

Fire Jumper Stage 5 Network Security Systems Engineer

Cisco Fire Jumper

Cisco Fire Jumper program is composed by different tracks, and each has a Sales, Systems Engineer and Field role with dedicated videos, training, POV, Labs and exams to be accomplished. After completed all four stages, you need to ask your Manager to endorse and send en email to fire jumper team. Once accepted you are … Read more

Config Cisco ASA SSH

Cisco Fire Jumper

Below is an example on how to configure SSH on a Cisco ASA Firewall. %ASA-3-315004: Fail to establish SSH session because RSA host key retrieval failed. %ASA-6-315011: SSH session from on interface MGMT for user “Unknown” disconnected by SSH server, reason: “Internal error” (0x00) conf t crypto key generate rsa modulus 2048 username ruben … Read more

Tweak multicast on Cisco ASA without RP

Fire Jumper Academy Systems Engineer

This came as a customer request, where they required to send multicast for testing purposes to their own customers but without using a RP. A Cisco ASA is segregating the environment acting as Layer 3 between the multicast sender and receivers. The first step was disabling the snooping on the switching to let the traffic … Read more

Yes, i’m back!

Welcome back! It’s been a while that i don’t really post anything in here, due to multiple things such:COVID, work, work, work, work. It’s time to get this BLOG back but not to the initial roots, meaning not much technical writing, but instead consulting (How/Where and random thoughts), and lessons learned from a Business Owner … Read more

Send Syslog over IPsec on Cisco ASA

Cisco Fire Jumper

Apply the following config you if you need to send logs over a IPSEC tunnel ASA-1(config)# logging host INTERNAL WARNING:  configured logging host interface conflicts with route table entry

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