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Finally i got it CCIE#47868

I started in January with a goal in mind, get my Magic Number on my last attempt because i wouldn´t try again (brute-force nooo….)
This is the most hard exams in Networking Industry, well i did not try JNCIE yet but i believe will be tricky for sure.

So this time my trip included the Lab exam in Brussels and holidays in Amsterdam, and probably this was the key to my success. The facilities in the LAB were good like last time, so no issues with keyboard or something else.

I was afraid of new section DIAG, because the examples gave by Cisco had a lot´s of information….And to read it i would need time, probably more, but depends obviously the complexity of the ticket. For those who are thinking to face the lab, take a look on the following docs:


I did the TS without problems, but skipped on first round 2 of them, after solve all the tickets i saw a strange behavior but i solved it.

Can you do the exam without stress/anxiety?

I think the answer is no for sure… I think on this attempt i was more stresses because was my third, so FAIL comes always in my mind, but i was more relaxed. Strange isn´s it?

Top 5 reasons to be an CCIE

-Recognized by Industry
-Belong to a specialized group of professionals
-Develop oriented skills
-Be an Expert in Networking field
-Job Work

I have learned a lot and improve my skills while i was studying, but having the CCIE does not mean i know everything!!!

I´m really proud to achieve my goal, because this involves a lot´s of hard work, no family time, friends, hobbies, etc for months.

So my number is CCIE#47868

Thank You

  • My wife to encourage me all the time even after fail
  • My father, sister and brother for support me
  • My friends who believed in me


Now i will have time to do what i did not do for the last months, but I will still blogging for sure.


O CCIE em V’s

A tabela das versões dos Labs (CCIE) em que se tornaram activas. Supostamente a Cisco informa com 6 meses de antecedência a nova versão. Algumas não foi possível constatar qual a versão pelo que considerei como sendo a v1.

Track v1 v2 v3 v4 v5
Routing & Switching  ?  ? ? 18 Out 2009 3 Jun 2014
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
Security  ? ? Abr 2009 19 Nov 2012
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
Service Provider ? ? 18 Abril 2011 22 Maio 2015
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
Collaboration 14 Fev 2014
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
 ?  ? ? ?
Data Center Dez 2012  25 Jul 2016
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
?  ?  ?
SP Operations 2010 Retired
Wireless  ?  18 Nov 2011 14 Set 2015
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
? ?
Voice (Retired)
Storage Networking (Retired)

Service Provider Operations Retired [email protected]





Exame CCIE R/S Written 350-001

Bem… depois de alguns meses a estudar, 2/3 horas por dia (fora de horas), depois de 8 horas de trabalho não é definitivamente fácil, a juntar ainda á árdua tarefa que o é fazer sozinho. Desisti e recomeçei o estudo por 2 ou 3 vezes, é facto que pensei em desistir… Hoje quando iniciei o exame as 1ªs 2 questões eram sobre RFCs (Multicast) o que me deixou logo a tremer, passadas mais algumas perguntas tive a ligeira sensação que o probabilidade de chumbar começava a ficar evidente mas respirei fundo e fiz o seguinte diagrama na folha de Exame:

Por mais idiota que pareça, até ao fim do exame o jogo virou e acabei-o clikando no botão “End Exam” e ver o resultado Pass .Sim, tive a prova que após este longo esforço é sem dúvida compensador o resultado.

Portanto fogo á peça e que venha lá o Lab :)

Alguns dos Livros recomendados para a esta Prova:

Leituras Virtuais CCIE da IPExpert

A IPExpert disponibiliza diversas apresentações sobre tecnologias abordadas nas Certificações CCIE.

CCIE R&S / CCIE Service Provider

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CCIE Wireless

CCIE Security

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