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CLEUR Barcelona 2019 Day 1

A very exciting first day with swags, Cisco Champion giffs, and do networking with really nice people about new trends and challenges in the industry. Why Cisco Live? it’s the opportunity to talk with your peers, explore, connect, and be inspired by Cisco’s top experts, partners, and customers. It’s an event you don’t want to miss.

CCIE Security Techtorial – TECCCIE-3202

I was really interested on this session, but it turns out that it was just a lecture instead of a hands-on session like in other tracks. The session went smooth with some questions about ISE, ESA and WSA. A few videos were provided as well on how to configure certain tasks on some of the platforms mentioned before, not a big deal.

It was awesome to meet all the team and have some chat. I would like to say thank you to Yusuf Bhaiji, Ziaul Hussain, Vivek Santuka, Ana Peric

If you are looking to start your CCIE Security journey find here CCIE Security Study Material  the most relevant materials for study.

O CCIE em V’s

A tabela das versões dos Labs (CCIE) em que se tornaram activas. Supostamente a Cisco informa com 6 meses de antecedência a nova versão. Algumas não foi possível constatar qual a versão pelo que considerei como sendo a v1.

Track v1 v2 v3 v4 v5
Routing & Switching  ?  ? ? 18 Out 2009 3 Jun 2014
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
Security  ? ? Abr 2009 19 Nov 2012
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
Service Provider ? ? 18 Abril 2011 22 Maio 2015
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
Collaboration 14 Fev 2014
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
 ?  ? ? ?
Data Center Dez 2012  25 Jul 2016
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
?  ?  ?
SP Operations 2010 Retired
Wireless  ?  18 Nov 2011 14 Set 2015
25 Jul 2016 (Written)
? ?
Voice (Retired)
Storage Networking (Retired)

Service Provider Operations Retired [email protected]





Leituras Virtuais CCIE da IPExpert

A IPExpert disponibiliza diversas apresentações sobre tecnologias abordadas nas Certificações CCIE.

CCIE R&S / CCIE Service Provider

CCIE Voice

CCIE Wireless

CCIE Security