F5 is committed to support candidates


The measures that local governments and businesses have made in response to COVID-19 have in many cases included restrictions to travel. F5 understands that this has greatly affected and limited our candidates’ ability to schedule and attend exam certification appointments. We understand this global pandemic causes great stress and we don’t want to add any more stress … Read more

A Flashback and a New Busy Year!

Dear Reader, Thanks to spend your time reading this post on the first day of the new year. The 2017 was a busy year regards projects and a new area i’ve been exploring myself (Business Development), this is quite new for me but it’s going…. What i mean by Business Development? I’ve been focus only … Read more

F5 REST API Resources


These are for me the best two resources if you want embrace Dev/Net/Sec Ops using F5 iControl   Just a sneak peak of what you can find: Mesos Marathon Container Integration Kubernetes Container Integration RedHat OpenShift Container Integration OpenStack Cloud Integration F5 Application Services Proxy Dockers Really recommended http://clouddocs.f5.com/ https://devcentral.f5.com/wiki/iControl.HomePage.ashx

F5 TMOS v13 is out!


F5 launched TMOS v13, What’s new? New Built-in TCP Profiles TCP Nagle “Auto mode” Diameter High Availability SIP and Diameter Connection Auto-Initialization Diameter Election Process Support Diameter In-Band Monitor ECDH and ECDSA DAG v2 Enhanced platform diagnostics for iSeries platforms Global VLAN based SYN flood protection You can read the full release notes here

BigIP Factory default in 3 steps


When you restore the BIG-IP configuration to factory default settings, the system performs the following tasks: Retains: the management IP address BIG-IP license file files in the /shared partition manually-modified bigdb database variables Flags the Setup utility to run when the next user logs in to the Configuration utility Removes: All BIG-IP local traffic configuration objects … Read more

F5 BIG-IP iSeries more robust


F5 came out with new platforms called BIG-IP iSeries with the following features/innovations: TurboFlex optimization technology that offloads specialized functions from the general CPU Due the complexity of SSL offloading and traffic growing exponentially due IoT, this new platforms have more capacity (TPS) than their previous versions, in some cases 2.5 times more Platforms Available: … Read more

F5 woke up!Official Study Guides Live


F5 folks was chasing F5 to provide Official Study Guides to their exams, and finally someone heard us! They are not covering every cert , but it’s a good start. At the moment these are the guides available: 101 Exam Study Guide – Application Delivery Fundamentals 201 Exam Study Guide – TMOS Administration 301a Exam … Read more

F5 Getting Started Series now on 11.x

Good news from F5! F5 refreshed his WBTs on F5 University using 11.x code. They called this the “F5 Getting Started Series” and each section has interactive questions to do a check up of your knowledge. This Series covers the following products: BIG-IP LTM BIG-IP GTM BIG-IP APM BIG-IP ASM Just click on the product … Read more

I took the F5 101v2-Application Delivery Fundamentals beta exam

I was a guinea pig for F5 101v2 beta and i did it well i guess. After answer 140 questions in 150 minutes + extension of 30 minutes (not english native, but was not necessary) the hard part of this was review all my answers, yes again 140! I didn´t find this hard as mention … Read more

Study Notes for F5 101v2-Application Delivery Fundamentals exam

As i said before i got an opportunity to test my knowledge (101v2 beta) and off course learn more about F5 ADC and other stuff. The information you need to learn is published in the official Blueprint Application Delivery Fundamentals. This new version will be available on Q1 2015. F5 doesn´t have any guide (book,etc) … Read more

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