I took the F5 101v2-Application Delivery Fundamentals beta exam

I was a guinea pig for F5 101v2 beta and i did it well i guess. After answer 140 questions in 150 minutes + extension of 30 minutes (not english native, but was not necessary) the hard part of this was review all my answers, yes again 140! I didn´t find this hard as mention by other guys who did the 101v1. After you submit the exam you can comment the questions (no chance to change answers at this point), personally i did it to give the F5 Team my understanding of what they can improve! But they could give the cert away for the guys who passed this exam, yes it´s Christmas! :)

And yes, against other exams you can go back and forwarded!

All 5 sections have the same score, so i got 75%

I wrote a post about my Study Notes for this exam so check it out!

This exam is one of the pre-requirements for the Exam 201 – TMOS Administration to achieve the F5 BIG-IP Certified Administrator


And even virtually i have my logo!


17 thoughts on “I took the F5 101v2-Application Delivery Fundamentals beta exam”

  1. Hello,
    First – congratulations.
    Can you tell some more about this exam. It is hard to find a relevant information because most of the links direct to the “brain dump” websites where they are only scarring the people by giving some example of the questions which might not be relevant to anything… Actually I tread this exam as an entry point and no deep knowledge is needed. Can you tell what is your experience ?

    • Hi Marc,

      This was my first experience with F5 Technology but i have experience with ADC´s from other vendors… This exam is an entry level so don´t expect crazy questions! Just study the material i post and you will be fine.

  2. Hello,
    I passed the 101 exam yesterday and got a score of 79. I used your guide, study guides (eric mitchell, philip johnson) and LTM essentials, getting started from F5.
    Please feel free to advice for 201 exam.


  3. Don’t take 201 lightly. I flew threw 101 just fine. 201 is a beast and even material out there is not sufficient! Look forward to seeing your guide!

  4. HI Members,

    i am preparing for F5 101 certification ,please share pdf file o”F5 application delivery fundamentals exam by philip jonsson” to prepare for exam it help me to prepare for exam .


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