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F5 is committed to support candidates

The measures that local governments and businesses have made in response to COVID-19 have in many cases included restrictions to travel. F5 understands that this has greatly affected and limited our candidates’ ability to schedule and attend exam certification appointments.

We understand this global pandemic causes great stress and we don’t want to add any more stress to our candidates looking to renew their certifications. If you are unable to, or uncomfortable about, taking your re-certification exams, we do not want you to worry about the status of your F5 certification; please, simply take care of yourself and your family. Although we cannot provide an exact plan of action given the uncertainty about the scope and duration of the current situation, we want to assure you that no candidate will lose certification as a result of these extraordinary events.

In an effort to provide assurance during uncertain times, F5 is committed to support candidates’ careers through certification and contribute to their wellbeing. We are a strong community, and we will work together to get through this.


Please read here for more details https://devcentral.f5.com/s/articles/COVID-19-Response-F5-Certifications-Q-A

Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers 2014


MQ_Application Delivery Controllers_2014












Vendors  Added  and  Dropped

We review and adjust our inclusion criteria for Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes as markets change.
As a result of these adjustments, the mix of vendors in any Magic Quadrant or MarketScope may change over time. A vendor’s appearance in a Magic Quadrant or MarketScope one year and not the next does not necessarily indicate that we have changed our opinion of that vendor. It may be a reflection of a change in the market and, therefore, changed evaluation criteria, or of a change of focus by that vendor.


Piolink was added to the 2014 Magic Quadrant.


Fortinet was dropped because it no longer meets our revenue criteria.
Brocade, which focuses on providing scalable and high-performance solutions to organizations that operate very large networks — predominantly in the service provider segment — did not meet the requirement for 500 enterprise customers, which is part of our inclusion criteria.
We track a number of vendors that do not meet our inclusion criteria because they garner interest from the Gartner client base and/or have the potential to impact this marketplace over time. Vendors actively tracked by Gartner include Brocade, Embrane, Fortinet, IBM, jetNEXUS, Loadbalancer.org, Microsoft and VMware, and cloud-only vendors such as Akamai, AWS, Instart Logic, Lagrange Systems and Virtela (an NTT Communications company). In addition, Gartner follows open-source solutions such as HAProxy and Nginx.


Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers 2014

Cisco abandona o desenvolvimento de Load-Balancers

A Cisco anunciou o fim do desenvolvimento dos produtos Load-Balancer (Família Application Control Engine (ACE)) igualmente conhecidos por Application Delivery Controllers (ADC).
Como resposta ao email da CRN, a Cisco faz um balanço de alinhamento prevendo qual o investimento previsto para as oportunidades de negócio adjacentes.
Segundo a Cisco, uma vez que as tecnologias de DataCenter assentam sobre Virtualização, Cloud e outros modelos de serviço, esta decidiu não criar novas gerações de Load-Balacers ACE, a mais recente foi o Módulo ACE 30.
Existem 2 versões de Cisco ACE, em Appliance ou Módulo (para Chassis 6500/7600), têm uma capacidade de throughput de até 16 Gbps.
Os seus concorrentes diretos a F5 e Citrix, têm grande cota de mercado neste segmento seguindo-se a Brocade e Radware. Existe uma alternativa interessante do Fabricante A10, estes têm crescido bastante a mostrando-se uma mais valia com a tecnologia aFlex entre outras.

Curiosamente a recente Certificação CCIE DataCenter contempla alguns pontos sobre a componente de balanceamento, talvez numa próxima versão desta Certificação esta componente poderá ser removida. Vamos aguardar pelas cenas dos próximos capítulos.

FFIV to Benefit as Cisco Scales Down ‘Ace,’ Says JMP
Cisco Ceasing Development Of Load-Balancer Products