F5 Getting Started Series now on 11.x

Good news from F5! F5 refreshed his WBTs on F5 University using 11.x code. They called this the “F5 Getting Started Series” and each section has interactive questions to do a check up of your knowledge. This Series covers the following products:


Just click on the product and that will open automatic a new window.

As before you can have hands-on on a virtual lab for 11.x code with the following topology. After you login on F5 University click on F5 Training Lab menu and get you Lab guide. Unfortunately you can´t play HA features on this lab but you can try the F5 BIG-IP LTM virtual edition (request a trial licence 90 days) for your own lab.




F5 Certification Program

F5 University

2 thoughts on “F5 Getting Started Series now on 11.x”

  1. Hello F5 experts! I want to go for the 201 TMOS exam in next mid April. I am wondering if the BIG-IP 11.3 free LTM image is enough for passing the exam, or if I have to purchase the 90$ BIG-IP 11.6 with All LTMmodules to also test other modules or HA/VLAN failover features.

    Please help me out as I need to know which software to test to be sure.

    Thanks in advance.



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