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Half voucher for JNCIS-SP JN0-360

After do the preassessment for JNCIS-SP (FastTrack Program) exam i received the message below with the voucher code (50% off price), and because i used another voucher to do this exam i will not use it.

Feel free to use it :) and happy new year!

Congratulations on passing the JNCIS-SP Pre-assessment Exam! Your next step is to visit the Pearson VUE website to find one of 5,000 test sites near you, schedule your live exam and redeem your discount voucher during the registration process.

Voucher ID: JNFT8E445544

Voucher valid for 90 days

Expiration Date: Friday, March 27, 2015, you will need to register and sit for your exam before this date.

FREE 101-Application Delivery Fundamentals practice exam

I got this email on my inbox, it´s a good opportunity to test my knowledge :)

Dear 101 Candidate,

A few months ago, we surveyed the F5 Certified! candidates to find out what they were looking for to help them achieve their certification.  One of the top two items was exam-specific practice exams.  In response to that, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing our first “practice exam” opportunity for candidates eligible to take exam 101 – Application Delivery Fundamentals, but who have not yet done so. You are one of those eligible candidates.

Beginning October 20, 2014, qualified candidates will be able to register to take a FREE 101-Application Delivery Fundamentals practice exam, available at all F5-authorized Pearson VUE test centers. The practice exam will help you prepare for exam 101 by introducing you to the format of the questions, topics covered, and alert you to areas you might need to study. The FREE practice exam is 150 minutes long, features 140 questions, and will provide immediate performance results including per-objective scoring to help you better gauge your readiness to take a production exam. Your participation in taking a practice exam will provide you with the confidence to take the next step and help us to gauge the value in providing practice exams in the future.

HERE IS THE CATCH – we cannot offer free practice exams forever.  These exams will only be available from November 3, 2014 – November 24, 2014; furthermore, we can only accommodate a limited number of candidates.  Consequently, a LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS are available for this exam and EARLY REGISTRATION is highly recommended to get a guaranteed spot. When we exceed the number seats, registration will cease.

Here is how to get started:

  • On October 20, 2014, log into the F5-CMS and visit your Home page. The exam will NOT be available before October 20th.
  • Click on the 101 Practice Exam ad box (it’s the black one).
  • Submit the 101 Practice Exam candidate agreement form.
  • In 24-48 hours, after receiving your authorized to test email, log into Pearson VUE and schedule your practice exam at the Pearson VUE test center near you.
  • Exam scheduling begins October 20, 2014 with the first exams available on November 3, 2014.
  • A LIMITED NUMBER of FREE practice exams are available; if you can’t schedule your exam after receiving your authorized to test email, you may be too late.

After login in F5-CMS sign up using the link “Take the 101 Practise Exam”





Voucher gratuito Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer (BCVRE) 170-010 Exam

Como Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer deve ser capaz de demonstrar conhecimento em ser capaz de implementar, instalar, configurar e solucionar problemas de soluções Brocade Vyatta.

Este exame é baseado em Vyatta vRouter, a Brocade disponibiliza para download um trial de 60 dias do Vyatta vRouter 5400.

Algumas das funcionalidades do vRouter 5400:

  • Advanced IPv4 and IPv6 Unicast and Multicast
  • Stateful firewall, IPsec, SSL-Based OpenVPN and DMVPN
  • Linux-based extensible network OS
  • Hypervisors Supported: VMware ESX, Citrix XEN/XENserver, Microsoft Hyper-V, and RedHat KVM
  • RESTful API, CLI, Web GUI

Quem quiser fazer este exame a custo zero deverá usar o Voucher Code  BrocadeNFVPromo e registar-se no site http://www.pearsonvue.com/brocade/. Este exame tem duração 75 minutos e 51 questões no total, sendo necessário no mínimo 62% para passar.

Boa sorte :)

Tópicos para o exame:

Brocade Vyatta vRouter System Operations

  • Describe show command usage and output
  • Identify key CLI operations
  • Describe the commit and save processes

Ethernet Concepts

  • Identify Ethernet operations
  • Identify VLAN operations and settings
  • Identify bonded interface operations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of configuration and operation using show commands


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between Layer 2, IP and TCP/IP
  • Identify TCP and UDP differences
  • Identify IP address subnets

DHCP and DNS Troubleshooting

  • Describe troubleshooting of DHCP operations
  • Describe troubleshooting of DNS forwarding


  • Identify uses for routing
  • Identify show commands for use with routing
  • Identify configuration of different types of static routes


  • Describe firewall operations and troubleshooting using show commands
  • Describe firewall rulebase operations


  • Describe NAT concepts


  • Describe the Brocade Vyatta upgrade process

Logging and Packet Captures

  • Identify logging options for firewall and NAT operations
  • Identify methods to verify operations and troubleshooting

OSPF Single-Area

  • Describe OSPF show command output
  • Describe how to configure OSPF


Materiais de Estudo:

ETH 101 Internetworking Fundamentals for Brocade Training

Brocade IP Primer



Não existem mas são sugeridos os seguintes cursos Free (Web-Based Training):

SDN 111-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Software Installation

SDN 121-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Command Line Interface

SDN 132-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Dynamic Addressing and DNS

SDN 133-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

SDN 211-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Ethernet and VLAN Configuration

SDN 321-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Static Routes

SDN 341-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter OSPF Basics

SDN 411-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Network Address Translation

SDN 421-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Firewall Basics

SDN 511-WBT – Brocade Vyatta vRouter Management and Logging
BCVRE_logo Referências:

Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer 2013 (BCVRE) Exam

Network Functions Virtualization

Certification Brocade Community

Certification Exam Information

Voucher gratuito Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2013 (BCEFP) Exam

Como Brocade Certified Fabric Professional Ethernet deve ser capaz de demonstrar conhecimento em IP, SAN e conceitos FCoE, bem como ser capaz de implementar, instalar, configurar e solucionar problemas de soluções Ethernet Brocade.

Quem quiser fazer este exame a custo zero deverá usar o Promo Code  CEF250EthFabric  e registar-se no site http://www.pearsonvue.com/brocade/. Este consiste exame tem duração 90 minutos e 55 questões no total, e necessário no mínimo 60% para passar.

Boa sorte :)

Tópicos para o exame:

Theory and Concepts

  • Describe the VCS implementations of TRILL
  • Describe the rate-limiting features in a VCS fabric
  • Identify basic routing concepts and how they interact with an Ethernet fabric
  • Identify VDX hardware components support.


  • Describe the benefits of using TRILL
  • Describe QoS in a VCS fabric
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various types of link aggregation in a VCS fabric
  • Describe VDX hardware used in the design of a VCS fabric
  • Describe AMPP concepts

Implementation and Configuration

  • Demonstrate knowledge of sharing native FC storage with FCoE devices in a VCS fabric
  • Describe the implementation of lossless Ethernet for FCoE and iSCSI traffic
  • Describe how to integrate AMPP into a vCenter environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge how to implement Layer2/Layer3 ACLs in a VCS fabric
  • Demonstrate knowledge how to configure VRRP/VRRP-E on a VDX
  • Demonstrate knowledge how to configure a VCS fabric to connect to traditional Layer 2/Layer 3 switches
  • Demonstrate knowledge how to implement vLAGs


  • Demonstrate knowledge of VDX management features


  • Demonstrate advanced troubleshooting knowledge
  • Demonstrate knowledge how to troubleshoot native FCoE and VCS to FC SAN bridging
  • Demonstrate knowledge how to troubleshoot VCS to an IP network

Materiais de Estudo:

BCEFP Practice Questions & Answers Explained


Não existem mas são sugeridos os seguintes cursos:

CEF 300-ILT Brocade Ethernet Fabric Administration

CFA 200 Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator (BCFA) 16 Gbps Training

CFP 300 Brocade Certified Fabric Professional (BCFP) 16 Gbps Training

CNE 200 Brocade Certified Network Engineer


Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2013 (BCEFP) Exam

Certification Brocade Community

Voucher Microsoft Virtualization Certification for FREE

A Microsoft lançou uma campanha de virtualização para realizar gratuitamente o exame 74-409 Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center. Ideal para quem é responsável por desenhar, implementar, gerir e manter uma infraestrutura virtual que assenta sobre a plataforma de virtualização Microsoft.

O numero de exames gratuitos é limitado, o exame deve ser realizado no máximo até 30 Junho 2014.

Deverá entrar no link Earn a Microsoft Virtualization Certification for FREE e carregar no botão “Get Free Vocuher” do lado direito e seguir as instruções.

Este exame deverá ser realizado através da http://www.register.prometric.com

Após aprovação este será o email recebido da Microsoft com o Vocuher:

Thank you for registering for your 74-409 Server Virtualization with Windows Server and System Center exam voucher. The number of free exams is limited so schedule your exam soon.

Your voucher number is 0000000.

This voucher is valid for 74-409 Server Virtualization with Windows Server and System Center exam.

Vouchers expire and all exams must be taken by June 30, 2014

You will receive an email shortly with this Voucher number.

Please write your voucher code down and keep it in a safe place. You will need it when you schedule your exam. To register for your exam, go to ProMetric Registration and when prompted, use your voucher code to schedule your exam.


Earn a Microsoft Virtualization Certification for FREE

Voucher VMware VCA Data Center Virtualization Cloud e End User Computing

Boas noticias, a VMware esta a tentar “puxar” os fundamentos básicos através da nova certificação VCA nas áreas Data Center Virtualization, Cloud e End User Computing. Existem cursos eLearning disponiveis sem qualquer custo, pelo que basta ver os fundamentos para conseguir passar no exame.O exame requer um pré-registo no site da VMware (confirmação em 2 dias úteis) e não exige pré-requisitos, o custo é uma pechincha, isto é, GRÁTIS. Aplicar o cupon code no momento do pagamento.

Coupon Code: VCA13ICS

Exame VCA-DCV:

VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals

Exam Blueprint


VMware Cloud Fundamentals

Exam Blueprint

Exame VCA-Cloud:

End User Computing

Exame VCA-WM:

VMware Workforce Mobility Fundamentals

Exam Blueprint

Poderás ver mais detalhes em http://vmware.com/certification 

VMware VCA



My Learn VMware

Voucher gratuito Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional 2013 Beta Exam

A Brocade lançou o novo exame beta Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional 2013 (152-430), quem quiser fazer este exame a custo zero deverá usar o código Promo Code BCLP2013Beta  e registar-se no site http://www.pearsonvue.com/brocade/ para realizar o exame até 20/06/2013. Este consiste em 4 horas de exame com 185 questões no total. O resultado do exame será enviado por carta.

O exame atual 150-420 BCLP 2010 será removido a 31/10/2013.

Boa sorte :)

Tópicos para o exame:

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Administration Guide 53-1002682-01
Pages 1,3,5,9,26,29,53,72,76,110,133,144,156

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Advanced Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002683-01
Chapter 2, pages 40,59

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Firewall Load Balancing Guide 53-1002684-01
Pages 11-15, 17-19

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Global Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002685-01
Chapter 1, page 94; Chapter 22 Page 25

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Multitenancy Guide 53-1002693-01
Pages 2-4,24,45

ServerIron ADX 12.5 NAT64 Configuration Guide 53-1002690-01
Page 1

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Security Guide 53-1002686-01
Pages 125,135-137,142-148,162-175

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002687-01
Pages 22,29-36,45-51,56-59,65-67,70,77,78,88,92,104,127,161-167,173-180,201,203-209,214,225-231,235,239,252-258,292-309,314,315,320,336,

ServerIron ADX v2.0 ARB Admin Guide 53-1002509-01
Page 27

ServerIron ADX OpenScript Programmer’s Guide 53-1002691-01
Pages 13-20

Best Practices for High Availability Deployment for the Brocade ADX Switch GA-BP-453-00
CLE 202 Course

Pages are in the CLE 202 PDF file
CLP 240 Course

Pages are in the CLP 240 PDF file

ADX-TS 300 Course
Pages are in the ADX-TS 300 PDF file


BCLP 2013 Beta Exam Objectives & Study Material

Voucher gratuito para a Certificação Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE)

A Brocade pretende dar a conhecer o seu portefólio de produtos, e qual a melhor forma de captar atenções numa comunidade? Simplesmente através de um voucher gratuito (100% Free).
O relatório da Gartner de 2011 na componente de LAN, posiciona a Brocade em 4º Lugar muito próximo da Juniper (em 3º).
Esta Certificação destina-se aos Engenheiros cuja sua formação seja Cisco (curiosamente em 1º Lugar :)), a referência do exame é o BCNE 150-130.

Os Tópicos do Exame são:

  • Layer 1/Hardware Concepts
  • Brocade Hardware Platforms
  • Layer 2 Switching and Protocols
  • General Layer 2/Layer 3 Concepts
  • Routing Concepts
  • ACL Concepts
  • QoS Concepts
  • Network Security, Management, and Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting


Para ter acesso á formação do tipo Web Based (WBT), será necessário efetuar um pré-registo no portal My Brocade. A formação tem um custo de 100€ e aproximadamente 15 Horas com Labs incluídos, esta não é obrigatória mas recomendável. Poderá consultar a WBT diretamente apartir deste link.

Além desta formação paga existem outros WBT’s dispoíveis a custo zero no LMS SABA, bastando efetuar uma pesquisa pelo termo “BCNE”.

O Processo de agendamento do exame é igual, através da Pearsonvue registe o exame e no momento do pagamento coloque o código CNE250BCNEPromo no campo “Promo Code” e faça “Apply”, o custo do exame passa automaticamente para 0€ concluído este processo é estudar. :)

Já marquei o meu para Novembro, marca já o teu antes que esgote :)

Nota: Os vouchers estão limitados a 1 por pessoa.

Brocade CNE Free
Preparing Cisco Certified Professionals for the BCNE Exam
My Brocade