Notas estudo Converged Campus ERS Solution Installation and Configuration

Após realizar o curso 6721 – Converged Campus ERS Solution Installation and Configuration da Avaya aqui ficam as minhas notas e alguma da terminologia.

Download Notas Converged Campus ERS Solution Installation and Configuration

Irei em breve colocar as notas sobre o 6722 – ERS 8800-8600-8300 Advanced Configuration and Maintenance


Distributed MultiLink Trunking (DMLT) – Allows you to aggregate similar ports from different modules. MLT provides module redundancy through Distributed MultiLink Trunking.

interswitch trunking (IST) – A feature that uses one or more parallel point-to-point links to connect two aggregation switches. The two aggregation switches use this channel to share information and operate as a single logical switch. Only one interswitch trunk can exist on each Split Multilink Trunking (SMLT) aggregation switch.
microflow – A single instance of an application-to-application packet flow identified by source address, destination address, protocol ID, and source port.

Nortel Networks command line interface (NNCLI) – Nortel Networks command line interface (NNCLI) is a common CLI that follows the industry standard. NNCLI is a common user interface for device management across Nortel products.

operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM) – All the tasks necessary for providing, maintaining, or modifying switching system services.

Protocol Independent Multicast, Split MultiLink Trunking (PIM-SMLT) – Builds a virtual switch that represents the two switches of the split multilink trunk core.

Read Write All (RWA) – An access class that lets users access all menu items and editable fields.

Routed SMLT (RSMLT) – Provides full redundancy in core networks and rapid failover—eliminating routing protocol timer dependencies when network failures occur.

RSMLT VLAN – A virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) with RSMLT enabled for router redundancy and protected by active-active SMLT aggregation switch default gateways.

Simple Loop Prevention Protocol (SLPP) – Is used to prevent loops in a SMLT network.

Single Link SMLT (SLT)
SMLT aggregation switch – Connects to multiple wiring closet switches, edge switches, or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) devices.

SMLT client – A switch located at the edge of the network, such as in a wiring closet or CPE. An SMLT client switch performs link aggregation but does not require Split MultiLink Trunking (SMLT) intelligence.

Spanning Tree Group (STG) – A collection of ports in one spanning tree instance.

Split MultiLink Trunking (SMLT) – A Nortel extension to IEEE 802.3ad, provides nodal and link failure protection and flexible bandwidth scaling to improve on the level of Layer 2 resiliency.

Virtual Link Aggregation Control Protocol (VLACP) – A Layer 2 handshaking protocol which can detect end-to-end failure between two physical Ethernet interfaces.

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