The Interview

I´ve been working in Networking/Security Field for a while and most of my interviews didn´t have a deep technical session like my last one. A friend of mine (André) suggested me to apply for a Technical Consultant Role like him did last year, and after talk with him about his projets i decided to go ahead and i made my application online.
This took a while to get the first call from HR and schedule my interview, after that it was more relief and excited.

The interview took me half a day, it was composed by a technical session and a session with HR.

The funny part was the technical :) , you know why!

What i found on technical session?

I had a lots of questions and a surprise LAB!

This is what i remember so far….
What OSPF LSA do you know?And what is purpose of which one?
Multicast types, why use it?
Spanning-Tree versions,Timers,Port-roles, etc
Routing Protocols, timers

I also had a few general questions about LDAP, DNS, etc

LAB (30 minutes)

It was composed by 6 routers and 2/3 switches, and had technologies like MPLS,L3VPN, IS-IS,BGP,STP,VRF and much more

The first 20 minutes was to analyse the network and take notes to explain in 10 minutes what i saw and make some comments to improve the customer network.

The most challenging part for me was Presenting for a Technical and Business person, about a technology i had to choose among of OTV, FabricPath, VSS, etc and i picked up FabricPath and i did well :)


This part took 1 hour and a half maybe, a nice fellow explained me everything about the company and we went deep in my CV about all my previous experiences/projects why i left what made me move forward and so on.The benefits were really nice specially training and bonus :)

Offer or not?

Finally i received an offer, but i declined because of personal reasons….

DAMMIT! But it worthed by the experience!

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