I got my Check Point CCSA cert on R77

I´ve been working for a long time with Check Point but i did not take any exam, but this was in my objectives for a long time…. So i decided about 1 month ago to start studying for this and was not hard to be honest. The funny thing on Check Point is every Major release it changes the exam Title but that doesn´t mean you don´t know how to work with.


I used the CBT Nuggets GAIA R76 for this and was enough to pass even not be for R77 (minor changes),  i would play more with authentication stuff when i will have time.  This was the first time i used CBT and worth every euro i spent.

Check Point also provide a study guide for this exam, which you can find here.

Videos Overview

1. Welcome! (7 min)
2. Check Point Fundamentals (16 min)
3. Installing GAiA (31 min)
4. Linking the Manager & Firewall (26 min)
5. Pushing Policy (34 min)
6. NAT (34 min)
7. Policy Packages & Database Versions (32 min)
8. SmartView Tracker (28 min)
9. SmartView Monitor (20 min)
10. LDAP (22 min)
11. Identity Awareness (35 min)
12. App Control and URL Filtering (31 min)
13. HTTPS Inspection (26 min)
14. CLI (27 min)
15. IPsec VPNs (Site to Site) (36 min)
16. Backup and Recovery (16 min)
17. Smart Update (14 min)
18. Additional Check Point Features (27 min)
19. CCSA Exam Success (16 min)


Exam: 156-215.77
: 100 +30 extension
Questions: 70 to 100
Minimum to Pass:70%
Valid for: 2 Years

The questions are a random number and because i´m a lucky man i got 100 questions, it freezes me at the beginning but after do 75 of them and with spare time to review i thought i would have a good chance to pass.

I leave here my notes guys to help you out.

And yes, i PASSED! Check Point needs 6 to 8 weeks to issue your certificate and Kit, so keep calm and you will get soon your certification in UserCenter.CCSAReferences:

Security Administration (Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) R77)

CBT Check Point Security

Check Point Training FAQ


33 thoughts on “I got my Check Point CCSA cert on R77”

  1. Hi Ruben,

    I have gone through the CBT nugget videos , they really are very useful.

    Planning of taking the exam 156-215.77 by the end of this month.

    I have revised some of the multiple choice questions which I came across in internet.

    Please brief about the labs , what are the topics and best source to prepare for them.

    Awaiting reply.

  2. Hello all,
    I am new to CCSA.
    Can you please guide me which books to refer for CCSA R77 and how can i practice checkpoint labs at my home.
    Which software will i require to create scenarios?

    Thanks All.

  3. Hey I am trying to setup the checkpoint lab as done in the CBTnuggets series by keith, but i am using VirtualBox instead of VMware.

    How do I figure out the “VMnets” as keith uses them to connect to the VM installations from his own windows PC?

    I assign the 10 series IP to the checkpoint installation but then the VB network adapter retains its 192 range IP address, I’m not very familiar with how virtual adapters work and how to do the routing.

    Really appreciate any help! Thanks for the notes!

          • Hey man thanks!

            It’s weird CP has no info about the practice exams on their site in cert section but has put it up on vue.

            And it says the following:
            Check Point’s Practice Exams

            Check Point now offers practice exams for the signature proctored professional certification exams. Each practice exam is a subset of the actual exam. Each question is accompanied by the correct answer. These exams will be priced $50 USD for 40 questions.

            601 – Administrator practice exam R77
            602 – Engineering practice exam R77

            Are they both applicable for the r77 exam? Any ideas on that?

  4. Hi Guys i am trying to install R77.20 in a lab environment through virtual box. It says i need to finish the first time wizard through webUI to setup either management server or the gateway. I followed the CBT Nugget topology, I have given as the ip address for Management server and the virtual box adapter in my computer as i am not using virtual XP OS) and configured adapters as host based adapters. When i try to ping the management server IP through my browser it says cannot reach the IP. Can you guys help me how do i access the webUI and finish my first time wizard.

    Thank u

    • I would suggest to go through the Study guide from them. Understand in deep the Management and each component and practise a lot in your lab. Only CCSA has the R80 available.


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