Cisco Firepower Forbidden- you don’t have permission to access

After re-image FPR2110 from FTD to ASA9.8.2, the chassis (FXOS) mgmt interface UI become unaccesible giving the following error “Forbidden- you don’t have permission to access / on this server”. In a nutshell, i could access FXOS via SSH and ASA (SSH & HTTPS) but the FXOS Chassis Management was broken. After spend some time, … Read more

AnyConnect Package on the secure gateway could not be located

This error message is because your Cisco ASA doesn’t have the AnyConnect image for your WebVPN profile. These images can be downloaded from .This example is for ASDM 7.6, but if you run version 6.x you can do using ASDM Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Customization/Localization > Binary … Read more

Mate’s license (Licensed Cores ) is not compatible with my license (Licensed Cores )

I’ve configured many clusters using Cisco ASA gear, but this time i got a strange message bringing the cluster UP (active/passive) using a pair of 5510 (code asa842-k8.bin). Error message: Mate’s license (Licensed Cores ) is not compatible with my license (Licensed Cores ). Failover will be disabled. Understanding Licensing models it´s always hard, because … Read more

Cisco ASA Compatibility Matrix

This is the amazing Matrix for Cisco ASA wicht  has compatibility about ASA OS, ASDM, Modules, Memory Kits with new and old boxes. I would add a Licensing bullet on this Cisco Doc, but is just my opinion. This document lists the Cisco ASA software and hardware compatibility and requirements.   ASA and ASDM Compatibility … Read more

Upgrade Cisco ASA 8.3

Efectuar upgrade de firmware nos Cisco ASA para a versão superior à 8.3 não é uma tarefa fácil devido ás diversas dependências existentes: memória RAM, Configs (ACL, NATs), Steps entre versões. Aqui ficam alguns links para analisar antes de efectuar o Upgrade:

Training Configuring ASA and PIX Security Appliances

Formação sobre Como Configurar as Appliances Cisco ASA/PIX Migrating from PIX Security Appliance Migrating from PIX 500 to ASA 5500  Launch module Firewall Services Utilizing the Packet Tracer Feature on the Cisco ASA  Launch module Simplifying Access Control Policies on PIX 500 and ASA 5500 Launch module IPS Services Intrusion Prevention Services in ASA 5500  Launch module … Read more

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