AnyConnect Package on the secure gateway could not be located

This error message is because your Cisco ASA doesn’t have the AnyConnect image for your WebVPN profile. These images can be downloaded from .This example is for ASDM 7.6, but if you run version 6.x you can do using ASDM Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Customization/Localization > Binary … Read more

Cisco VPN Client Anyconnect Windows Linux Mac 32_64bits

Por vezes torna-se difícil obter as versões do VPN Client da Cisco, deixo-vos o link onde são disponibilizadas as seguintes versões: VPN client Windows 2000/XP/Vista vpnclient-win-msi- VPN client 4.8 for Windows 98/Me vpnclient-win-is- VPN client 4.9 Mac (Mac OS 10.4.* and 10.5) vpnclient-darwin- VPN client for Mac (< mac 10.4 ) vpnclient-darwin- VPN … Read more

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