Notas Estudo BCVRE 170-010 parte 2

Chapter 4 DHCP and DNS vyatta@R1:~$ set interfaces ethernet eth1 address dhcp vyatta@R1:~$ show dhcp client leases interface  : eth1 ip address :    [Active] subnet mask: domain name: localdomain        [overridden by domain-name set using CLI] router     : name server: dhcp server: lease time : 1800 last update: Tue Jul 15 … Read more

Notas Outbound Route Filtering (ORF)

Esta feature do BGP permite ao router controlar através de um prefix-list quais os prefixos que o BGP peer deve enviar, permitindo assim reduzir o numero de prefixos processados. Sintaxe: router bgp autonomous-system-number   neighbor ip-address capability orf prefix-list [send | receive | both]   neighbor {ip-address| peer-group-name} prefix-list prefix-list-name {in | out} Notas: Apenas … Read more

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