Some DNS Resources Compiled

Working a lot around Response Policy Zone (RPZ) these days, it’s better to start collecting some valuable tools, whitepapers, research, best practises, etc DNS Servers Name Description BIND The most widely used DNS software on the Internet Bundy Integrated authoritative DNS and DHCP server (the continuation of the BIND 10) Dnsmasq A lightweight, easy to … Read more

ALG breaking a Transfer Zone

This came when i tried to do a DNS Transfer Zone through a Cisco SOHO (877), which when triggered i received a RST packet from the router. Initially i was thinking that came from the server, but looking to the packet capture i observed the TTL was 254, which was the from router it self. … Read more

Notas Estudo BCVRE 170-010 parte 2

Chapter 4 DHCP and DNS vyatta@R1:~$ set interfaces ethernet eth1 address dhcp vyatta@R1:~$ show dhcp client leases interface  : eth1 ip address :    [Active] subnet mask: domain name: localdomain        [overridden by domain-name set using CLI] router     : name server: dhcp server: lease time : 1800 last update: Tue Jul 15 … Read more

Notas IPv6

IPv6 128 bits IPv4 32 bits Atribuição de Prefixos: Registry Prefix -> Assignado pelo IANA a um RIR e.x. 2310::/12 ISP Prefix -> Assignado pelo RIR a um ISP e.x. 2310:1111:/32 Site Prefix ou Global Prefix-> Assignado por um ISP ou registry a o customer(site) e.x. 2310:1111:2222::/48 Subnet Prefix-> Assignado por um Engineer a um … Read more

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