IOS-XR Secure Domain Router (SDR)

Before we start with SDR concept, we need an introduction about virtualization techniques for creating virtualized router entities. A Hardware-Isolated Virtual Router (HVR) has hardware-based resource isolation between routing entities, whereas a Software-Isolated Virtual Router (SVR) comprises software-based resource isolation between routing entities. Within SVRs, there are several models for achieving virtualization. One model allows … Read more

Cisco IOS-XR Basics

IOS-XR code is really new for me, so i will write a few posts about it. So i will start with the basics. You can see this Operating System on CRS generations, ASR 9000 and NCS Box’s. Configure Username and Group The root-system means priviledge 15 in normal IOS RP/0/0/CPU0:XR-4(config)#username cocheno RP/0/0/CPU0:XR-4(config-un)# group root-system RP/0/0/CPU0:XR-4(config-un)# … Read more

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