Welcome to CheckPoint R80 API

Automation and orchestration capabilities these days are the key for many Organizations, and this session will show you what can you achieve with the R80.10 API.  Specifically, this session covers: Introduction to using the R80.10 APIs using Postman and Ansible Tips on how to add objects and services to adding rules via CLI RESTful API … Read more

JunOS Suspending CLI after a CTRL-Z

Having old habits configuring Cisco gear you probably will fall on this too, if you type CTRL-Z on CLI at Juniper device you will suspend the process. So the question is how to take control again over that process? After type CTRL-Z [email protected]> configure Entering configuration mode [edit] [email protected]# Suspended After you try using again … Read more

CLI em modo menu

Usar Menus poderá ser uma forma rápida de permitir acesso a algumas das funções dos equipamentos. Existem outras formas como CBAC, ou atribuindo diferentes privilégios aos users. username SOC privilege 15 password 0 CISCO !Apos autenticação o user e redirecionado para o Menu através do autocommand username SOC autocommand menu SOC ! menu SOC title … Read more

Cisco CLI Shortcuts

Capability Purpose Move around the command line to make changes or corrections. Ctrl-B or the left arrow key Move the cursor back one character. Ctrl-F or the right arrow key Move the cursor forward one character. Ctrl-A Move the cursor to the beginning of the command line. Ctrl-E Move the cursor to the end of … Read more

Junos Fundamentals Day One

A Juniper disponibiliza uma série de Books sobre Junos, apelidou-os de Day One. Pretende dar conhecer as potencialidades do Junos OS aos novos utilizadores ganhando assim conhecimento suficiente para configurar e gerir este tipo de equipamentos. Esta série Junos Fundamentals inclui: Hardening Junos Devices   Juniper Networks takes the security of its products very seriously … Read more

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