JunOS Suspending CLI after a CTRL-Z

Having old habits configuring Cisco gear you probably will fall on this too, if you type CTRL-Z on CLI at Juniper device you will suspend the process. So the question is how to take control again over that process?

After type CTRL-Z

root@R1> configure
Entering configuration mode


After you try using again the config mode, you get the following message

root@% cli
root@R1> configure
Entering configuration mode
Users currently editing the configuration:
root terminal d0 (pid 4409) on since 2014-10-15 04:36:13 UTC

Getting again the previous session from the suspended space

root@R1# exit
Exiting configuration mode

root@R1> exit
root@% jobs
[1] + Suspended cli
root@% fg 1

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