Junos Automation Day One

Esta série de books Day One , permite através das ferramentas Junos OS auxiliar na automatização de métodos e procedimentos na rede.

Esta série Junos Automation inclui:

Junos Automation Reference for SLAX 1.0


This reference guide provides descriptions and examples of all of the basic components of the SLAX language including its statements, operators, functions, elements, templates, and default parameters.

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Mastering Junos Automation Programming


Written from the perspective of a “classical” script programmer, this teaches you about the specific tasks and functions of the Junos automation development environment. Spend a week with this book and you’ll be able to write, deploy, and debug Junos automation scripts.

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Applying Junos Automation


Previously published as three separate Day One guides, This Week: Applying Junos Automation now combines Junos operation, event, and configuration automation techniques into a single, comprehensive volume.

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Navigating The Junos XML Hierarchy


Find out about a powerful and comprehensive toolset for interacting with and directing the Junos processes.

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Junos Automation

Junos Fundamentals

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