Uninstall Check Point Endpoint Security Agent

You installed Check Point Endpoint Security Agent R80 by mistake and now you can’t uninstall it because of the mysterious password you didn’t type? So try secret

Keep calm and eat a cookie!

32 thoughts on “Uninstall Check Point Endpoint Security Agent”

  1. Thanks! I accidentally installed this instead of the VPN client, kind of ridiculous to have an uninstall password when you never set one. Nonetheless, much appreciated.

  2. Hi Team by entering the password manually the uninstall works however if using a command line the password will not work any ideas ?

    I’ve tried the following two lines:

    msiexec.exe /x {F13003F0-373D-453B-9CD8-9119C277AB90} UNINST_PASSWORD=secret /qn
    msiexec.exe /x {F13003F0-373D-453B-9CD8-9119C277AB90} INSTALLPASSWORD=secret /qn

    Neither will work !!

    Thanks :)


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