Training Dell Networking OS9 Configuration and Operations

This was my first time working with Dell Networking gear (acquired Force10), and my first thought was “Learning a new CLI?Noooo”, but i surprised myself because the CLI it´s very similar to Cisco except a few small differences here and there, no too difficult let me say.

An Aggregation technology is the VLT, basically it´s similar to VSS in Cisco. I expected much more but probably only in the advanced Course.


Modules Summary

Module 1:  Interface Configuration
Module 2:  Access Control Lists
Module 3:  Spanning Tree Implementation and Configuration
Module 4:  VRRP Configuration and Troubleshooting
Module 5:  OSPF Configuration
Module 6:  Virtual Link Trunking
Module 7:  Stacking
Appendix A :  Basic Troubleshooting and Management Tools
Appendix B:  Dell Networking TM
Product Portfolio
Appendix C:  CLI Basics



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