Realistic Traffic Generator

TRex is an open source, stateful traffic generator fuelled by DPDK. It generates L4-7 traffic based on pre-processing and smart replay of real traffic templates. TRex amplifies both client and server side traffic. Trex can can scale to 200Gb/sec with one UCS, but you can run it in any x86 hardware.

You can build your own VM running Fedora or Ubuntu, but Cisco cooked a OVA and Virtual Box image ready to go here

Cisco DEVNET has a corner for TREX too, check here

It’s time to load some devices, and compare with datasheets :)

TRex Current Stateful Feature sets

  • DPDK 1/2.5/5/10/25/40/50/100Gbps interfaces support
  • High scale of realistic traffic, up to 200-400Gb/sec with one Cisco UCS
  • Latency/Jitter measurements
  • Flow ordering checks
  • NAT, PAT dynamic translation learning

TRex New Stateless Feature sets

  • Crafting and generating stateless traffic streams
  • Large scale – Supports up to 20 million packets per second (mpps)
  • Multiple streams support
  • Ability to change any field inside the packet (e.g. src_ip =
  • Continuous/Burst/Multi-burst support
  • Interactive support – Console, GUI
  • Per stream statistics, latency and Jitter
  • Python API for automation
  • Multi-user support



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