Finally vMX on x86 from Juniper for the masses

We were waiting for this for a long time, and Juniper gave us a big surprise. After so many years developing and improving the MX box finally was born the vMX. This will be a amazing for Service Providers where sometimes to deploy a new box is a nightmare regarding delivery/deploy time. vMX will be available on 1Q2015

No shame to be a Virtual Route Reflector!


The vMX scales to a minimum of 160 Gbps of unidirectional forwarding capacity that can be distributed among multiple customer and service instances.
The vMX consists of the following:

  • Virtual Control Plane (VCP), which is Junos OS hosted on a virtual machine (VM).
  • The Virtual Forwarding Plane (VCP) runs the packet forwarding engine, which is the    programmable Junos Trio microcode optimized and compiled for x86 environments.
    Juniper also leveraged Intel toolkits, including DPDK and Single Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV), to further enhance forwarding performance.vmx_architecture



System Capacity 160 Gbps
Switch Fabric Capacity per slot N/A
DPCs and/or MPCs per chassis N/A
Chassis per rack N/A
Dimensions (W x H x D) N/A
Maximum Weight N/A
Mounting N/A


  • Carrier-grade routing implementation optimized for the x86 environment.
  • Rapid service enablement by leveraging virtualization technology.
  • Leverages current and future Junos OS and Junos Trio R&D efforts.
  • Pay-as-you-grow licensing model for granular network scale-out.
  • Consistency with physical MX Series portfolio simplifies operations.
  • Enables new service introductions without reconfiguring current routing infrastructure.


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