Fim do “The Internet Protocol Journal”

É com grande tristeza que hoje recebi este email da Cisco, decidiram terminar talvez com uma das revistas da especialidade mais interessantes que li até ao dias de hoje “the Internet Protocol Jounal”, onde li vários artigos interessantes sobre tecnologias e ideias na sua grande maioria agnósticas ao fabricante. Escritores? Foram muitos os que deram alma a esta revista, alguns conhecidos outros nem tanto. A Cisco decidiu manter a versão online aqui. Outrora, a revista Packet Magazine fez as delicias de muitos Networkers sendo o seu seu ultimo lançado em 2006.

November 2013

Dear Subscriber,

At this time, Cisco Systems, Inc. has decided not to continue
publishing The Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ) effective

We thank all of our loyal readers for your support during the last
15 years. Your feedback has been a key part of making this
publication a success.

Cisco also wishes to thank the authors of the published articles,
and all those who submitted articles. A special note of thanks goes
to the IPJ Editorial Advisory Board and the article reviewers who
have helped to maintain the very high standards of journalistic and
technical quality of IPJ.

The online version of the Internet Protocol Journal will remain
available for reference, including all back issues in PDF and HTML
format as well as the index files. The IPJ website remains at:

While no new issues will be produced by Cisco, we are not closing
the subscription database and you can continue to provide updates by
means of your subscription ID and e-mail address as before. For the
time being, you may use the address for such updates
if you do not have access to your registered e-mail address or have
forgotten your subscription ID.

Discussions are underway to find a new home for IPJ and if this
happens we will certainly inform you of the details. The IPJ
subscriber list will not be used for anything other than
notifications about IPJ.

In the meantime, if you have any questions and comments, please feel
free to contact me directly at:

—Ole J. Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher


Volume 16

  • Number 1, March 2013
  • Number 2, June 2013

Volume 15

  • Number 1, March 2012
  • Number 2, June 2012
  • Number 3, September 2012
  • Number 4, December 2012

Volume 14

  • Number 1, March 2011
  • Number 2, June 2011
  • Number 3, September 2011
  • Number 4, December 2011

Volume 13

  • Number 1, March 2010
  • Number 2, June 2010
  • Number 3, September 2010
  • Number 4, December 2010

Volume 12

  • Number 1, March 2009
  • Number 2, June 2009
  • Number 3, September 2009
  • Number 4, December 2009

Volume 11

  • Number 1, March 2008
  • Number 2, June 2008
  • Number 3, September 2008
  • Number 4, December 2008

Volume 10

  • Number 1, March 2007
  • Number 2, June 2007
  • Number 3, September 2007
  • Number 4, December 2007

Volume 9

  • Number 1, March 2006
  • Number 2, June 2006
  • Number 3, September 2006
  • Number 4, December 2006

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