Configurar Cisco TwinGig Converter Modules

Recentemente instalei uns Cisco 4500 com Supervisora 6 LE, esta  tem 2 interfaces a Ten-Gigas e através de um Cisco TwinGig Converter Module é possivel converter em 4 interfaces Gigabit (SFP).

Ao tentar configurar as interfaces a Gigabit surge a mensagem de erro:

%C4K_GLMMAN-3-X2PLUGGABLESEEPROMREADFAILED: Failed to read seeprom on port Te1/1. Reinsert X2 module or configure GigabitEthernet port group if TwinGigConverter is installed.

Reconfigurar o módulo para suportar as interfces a Gigabit:

cat4500(config)#hw-module module 1 port-group 1 select gigabitethernet
cat4500(config)#hw-module module 1 port-group 2 select gigabitethernet

cat4500#sh int status mod 1

Port Name Status Vlan Duplex Speed Type
Te1/1 notconnect 1 full 10G No X2
Te1/2 inactive 1 full 10G No X2
Gi1/3 inactive 1 full 1000 No Gbic
Gi1/4 inactive 1 full 1000 No Gbic
Gi1/5 inactive 1 full 1000 No Gbic
Gi1/6 inactive 1 full 1000 No Gbic

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