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Finally i got it CCIE#47868

I started in January with a goal in mind, get my Magic Number on my last attempt because i wouldn´t try again (brute-force nooo….)
This is the most hard exams in Networking Industry, well i did not try JNCIE yet but i believe will be tricky for sure.

So this time my trip included the Lab exam in Brussels and holidays in Amsterdam, and probably this was the key to my success. The facilities in the LAB were good like last time, so no issues with keyboard or something else.

I was afraid of new section DIAG, because the examples gave by Cisco had a lot´s of information….And to read it i would need time, probably more, but depends obviously the complexity of the ticket. For those who are thinking to face the lab, take a look on the following docs:

I did the TS without problems, but skipped on first round 2 of them, after solve all the tickets i saw a strange behavior but i solved it.

Can you do the exam without stress/anxiety?

I think the answer is no for sure… I think on this attempt i was more stresses because was my third, so FAIL comes always in my mind, but i was more relaxed. Strange isn´s it?

Top 5 reasons to be an CCIE

-Recognized by Industry
-Belong to a specialized group of professionals
-Develop oriented skills
-Be an Expert in Networking field
-Job Work

I have learned a lot and improve my skills while i was studying, but having the CCIE does not mean i know everything!!!

I´m really proud to achieve my goal, because this involves a lot´s of hard work, no family time, friends, hobbies, etc for months.

So my number is CCIE#47868

Thank You

  • My wife to encourage me all the time even after fail
  • My father, sister and brother for support me
  • My friends who believed in me


Now i will have time to do what i did not do for the last months, but I will still blogging for sure.


Revision CCIE Service Provider Exam Topic Updates from v3.0 to v4.0

Cisco announced a new Exam for CCIE SP v4, this new exam will follow a new structure like the newest one CCIE R&S v5.

The last day to test for both the Written Exam v3.0 (350-029) and the Lab Exam v3.0 will be May 21, 2015.  Beginning May 22, 2015, the Written Exam v4.0 (400-201) and the Lab Exam v4.0 will be available for testing.



CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 (400-201)








**Clique para expandir/colapsar os objectivos em detalhe**

CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam Version 4.0


**Clique para expandir/colapsar os objectivos em detalhe**


  • P and PE role: ASR 9000 series running IOS-XR 5.2 Release
  • RR and CE role: ASR 1000 series running IOS-XE 3.13 (15.4S) Release
  • PE and CE role: Cisco 7600 series running IOS 15.4S Release
  • Access and Aggregation: ME 3600 series running IOS 15.4S Release

CCIE Service Provider Exam Topic Updates from v3.0 to v4.0

Written Exam Topics v4.0

Lab Exam Topics v4.0

Equipment List v4.0

% not enough space on flash to store vlan database. trying squeeze…

Durante um dos labs no gns3 deparei-me com este erro, e com um write mem resolvi o problema  :-D

Client(config)#vtp mode c
Setting device to VTP CLIENT mode.
% not enough space on flash to store vlan database. trying squeeze...
squeeze of flash complete
% not enough space on flash to store vlan database even after squeeze
Client(config)#do wr mem
Building configuration...
Client(config)#vtp mode c
Device mode already VTP CLIENT.

Qual a estratégia para o exame CCNP-TSHOOT?

Este exame é composto por 3 secções, os quais já descrevi aqui no blog. A minha preocupação eram os 13 tickets do Lab devido ao fator tempo, e não tanto as questões da 1ª e 2ª secções.

Notas para o Exame

  • Todos os tickets resumem-se a problemas de falta de conetividade entre o Cliente1 e o Servidor Web.
  • No Cliente1 apenas é possível executar comandos de ping/ipconfig
  • Todos os tickets são totalmente independentes, ou seja, o Cliente1 pode ter IP no Ticket 1 e não no Ticket 2 (misconfig DHCP)
  • Durante o exame não é necessário efetuar qualquer configuração, apenas indicar qual o equipamento causador do problema e a respetiva solução.

Estratégia antes do Exame

  • Configurar de raíz a topologia no GNS3, permite ficar familiarizado com a mesma

Estratégia durante o Exame

  1. Verificar se o Cliente1 tem IP
  2. Verificar a existência de conetividade entre o Cliente1 e o Gateway
  3. Verificar a existência de conetividade entre o Cliente1 e os diferentes Routers (R1;R2;R3;R4)
  4. Verificar a existência do routing do Servidor Web e a subnet do Cliente1 nos diversos Routers

Os tickets podem apresentar problemas relacionados com: HSRP, VLAN Allowed, Peering BGP, DHCP,  Routing Redistribute, Routing Authentication, VACL, NAT entre outras.

Encontram-se abaixo disponíveis as topologias para o GNS3 e Packet-Tracer.

Topologia TSHOOT GNS3
Topologia TSHOOT Packet Tracer