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Passed VCP5-DCV

After 2 months and an half studying VMware and went through official training, i’m really happy to say I’m officially VCP5-DCV for the next 2 years!


One of the big pre-requirements is to have official training which cost around ~3500 USD, but if your are alone on this journey you can check a VMware IT Academy (VITA) for an online or classroom training. The cost on a VITA will vary between ~200 and 700 USD.To pick one of this courses on VITA there are pre-requirements also like unemployed, career changers, etc.


I’ve build my home Lab with 3 physical Servers, you can build yours using VMware Workstation, performance it’s not required here :). After vSphere ICM course, i’ve read VCP5-DCV Official Certification Guide to clarify some gaps. I’ve watched also CBT Nuggets VMware 5.5 (my notes on this are unfinished).  VCP Community ad documentation Center for 5.5 is also a great resource.

I leave here my notes for both courses:

CBT Nuggets VMware 5.5

VMware vSphere Install Configure and Manage 5.5

A few good resources while i was studying:

VCP Community

vSphere Instructional Videos


Exam Code:VCP550PSE
Duration (Time):120 minutes + 30 extension (only for non-native Countries)
Number of Questions:136
Passing Score:300

This exam code is the same in essence like VCP550, the different it was scheduled from a VITA student

VMware RoadMap

This is the roadmap for Version 5, and now it’s time to go to VCIX-NV


This is the official logo



VMware Certification

VMware Press – VMware Certification Marketplace

Exam Blueprint vSphere 5.5 (VCP550)

New Year Resolutions for 2016

This is the right time on the year where we need to think what we want to do and define our goals to upcoming year, i consider this an important step to make you focus in your career and step away from the darkness TV. Well after think last month what technically I want to enhance is:IP design, virtualization, automation, and Linux skills. Maybe my employer will challenge me next year, so i will add it later to my list :)

Likely maybe i will do some exams:

VMware Certified Professional 5 Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV)

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (VCP6-NV)

Cisco CCIE Service Provider Written+Lab(?)

Cisco CCDE Written+Lab(?)




Beta versions?


There are some books i want to read:

Art of Network Architecture, The: Business-Driven Design

MPLS Fundamentals – Cisco Press

CCDE Study Guide – Cisco Press

Lets the journey begins!


2015 Year In Review

Because i’m writing this post on Christmas day, i should start with Oh Oh Oh Merry Christmas! This was a hard year of work to achieve my goals, but i had one special which was pass CCIE Lab Routing/Switching and get my magic number #47868

I’ve learned a lot this year, from different vendors, customers, and Partners. I’m glad to be an amazing year of challenges :), i hope next year will be better :)

Blog become more active and i’ve started receiving more comments, requests and fixing some posts i did in the past.


  • Dell Networking OS9 Configuration and Operations  [3 day instructor]
  • Firewall Configuration Essentials 101 PAN-OS v.6.0 RevC
  • VTSP 2015
  •  Cybersecurity Management by Charles Sturt University
  • VMware vSphere ICM 5.5
  • VMware NSX ICM 6.0


  • Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) Exam – PAN-OS 6.0 Loaded 02/01/2015
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert R&S Lab Loaded 31/04/2015 CCIE#47868
  • Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) Loaded 08/05/2015
  • Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) Loaded 01/07/2015
  • VMware Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP) Loaded 14/07/2015
  • VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA) Loaded 19/07/2015
  • ACSS – Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 Loaded 14/08/2015
  • ACSS – Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 21/08/2015

This was an impressive mark of visitors, i hope to have twice more next year :)






Show an hidden WiFI Key from a Profile on Windows 8.1

To get a list of your previous WiFi connections, type this command:

netsh wlan show profiles


To get key from a specific Profile, type this command:

netsh wlan show profile name=”Meraki WiFi” key=clear


This particular key is not secure, do not use it! I’ve change it just to do this post!


Manage wireless network profiles

My blog had a fashion move

Yes, i did a few improvements on my blog, to keep it more sexy, readable and enjoyable :)

This is what i did:

  • Added feature image
  • Added New Categories and reorganized it
  • Fixed missing images and links
  • Changed coding using CSS
  • Moved to Child Templates
  • Disclaimer
  • Header image (of Bridge 25 de Abril in Lisbon, Portugal)

That’s for now! See you around.

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Setup Infoblox IPAM Express on ESXi

You are running out of budget this moment but you really need an IPAM system to manage your IPs (IPv4 and v6) and leave away the old excel which you worked for a long time. For me using or not an IPAM system will depend of the environment size, it’s need to be reasonable and rational.

This free version supports 2000 hosts and multi-discovery, so not bad for a free product

The requirements to run this version from Infoblox are low (1vcpu, 1GB memory, 50GB), and it’s supported in VMware Player, VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion

I’ve tried convert strait away to vSphere 6 but didn’t work, so i started my journey until get this working, and i did it.

First we need to download the free copy, unzipped and use vCenter Converter to convert the image to our environment and play it.

Virtual Machine Properties

These are properties i used to setup my IPAM Express




Since IPAM Express doesn’t support a fixed IP, you need get a DHCP working for that subnet


After register you will receive an email like one below, open a browser https://ip-ipam and use credentials and download code provided


Importing Subnets and Hosts using a CSV file

To import a CSV you will need to respect a strict field format, you can use just a file for subnets and hosts, but i found it insane sometimes. For that reason i imported using different files.

File content subnets.csv


File content hosts.csv


Click on CSV Import on your left


Click on + signal


Select a CSV file to import, you can also use Options to control what you want to change. Press Start :)


After a successful import, you will see occupation of each subnet


Click on a subnet, you can show hosts using an IP Map or List



Drop me a comment if you need my ova file