Kakorrhaphiophobia of CCIEv5: How to Cope

This will be a good session with Speaker(s)  Scott Morris – Chief Technology Officer, Copper River IT at Cisco Live for those of us that failed/passed before CP-1010 – Kakorrhaphiophobia of CCIEv5: How to Cope – 1 Hour

I believe that one of the reasons is everyone spread a bad word or seed the fear….Don´t listen it!

Fear… We all have it, whether a lot or a little, but it’s there. Do you watch scary movies with one eye shut? Do you go through Haunted Houses with a death-grip on your best friends’ hand? Did you ever wonder whether those fears were rational?

Interestingly enough, many people surveyed were MORE afraid of the CCIE Lab Exam than they were of scary movies or haunted houses. Kakorrhaphiophobia is the irrational fear of failing. In the CCIE lab, nothing will jump out at you (though I would never advise scheduling a lab on either Halloween or April Fool’s Day just in case!) and the majority of people DO fail the CCIE lab. Sometimes more than once. But the fear can eat you alive, and actually CAUSE the failure itself, making it a self-filling prophecy.

Make your CCIE Lab the best day ever! Pass or Fail, it’s about the journey!

Join us for a look into the psyche of a fragile CCIE Candidate and some of the methods of overcoming that fear of failure along the way!



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