How to upgrade Arista switches

This is a quick guide on how to upgrade Arista switches, you need to have a support contract with Arista to donwload their latest version of software.

Confirm the actual version

ARISTA-7504-02(s1)(config)#show version
Arista DCS-7504N
Hardware version: 12.00
Serial number: HSH18100113
System MAC address: 2899.3a61.db81Software image version: 4.19.8M
Architecture: i386
Internal build version: 4.19.8M-8840164.4198M
Internal build ID: c419af27-06da-4a41-b1c3-567309a30adeUptime: 19 hours and 46 minutes
Total memory: 31583780 kB
Free memory: 28199196 kB

Entering in bash mode


Arista Networks EOS shell

[admin@ARISTA-7504-01 ~]$ scp root@ /mnt/flash/EOS-4 .20.8M.swiEOS-4.20.8M.swi
Warning: Permanently added ‘’ (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
root@’s password:
EOS-4.20.8M.swi 100% 596MB 85.1MB/s 00:07

Copying the firmware required, it’s possible to copy it using different methods

[admin@ARISTA-7504-01 ~]$ exit
ARISTA-7504-01(s1)#conf t
ARISTA-7504-01(s1)(config)#install source ?
certificate: Source path
extension: Source path
file: Source path
flash: Source path
ftp: Source path
http: Source path
https: Source path
scp: Source path
sftp: Source path
sslkey: Source path
terminal: Source path
tftp: Source path

After copy the firmware over, it’s time to install and reboot it

ARISTA-7504-01(s1)(config)#install source flash:EOS-4.20.8M.swiEOS-4.20.8M.swi reload now
Preparing new boot-config… done.
Committing changes… done.
Reloading…Broadcast message from root@ARISTA-7504-01 (Thu Sep 13 13:28:29 2018):The system is going down for reboot NOW!

Once rebooted, the new version is ready!

ARISTA-7504-01(s1)#show version
Arista DCS-7504N
Hardware version: 12.00
Serial number: HSH18100137
System MAC address: 2899.3a61.db99

Software image version: 4.20.8M
Architecture: i386
Internal build version: 4.20.8M-9384033.4208M
Internal build ID: 5c08e74b-ab2b-49fa-bde3-ef7238e2e1ca

Uptime: 3 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours and 52 minutes
Total memory: 31579144 kB
Free memory: 28315128 kB

2 thoughts on “How to upgrade Arista switches”

  1. Doubt:

    When I copy the image is not this 2GB swi file I should install in flash?

    Should I rename the file to install?

    copy usb1: /EOS-2GB- flash: /EOS-2GB-


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