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The Interview

I´ve been working in Networking/Security Field for a while and most of my interviews didn´t have a deep technical session like my last one. A friend of mine (André) suggested me to apply for a Technical Consultant Role like him did last year, and after talk with him about his projets i decided to go ahead and i made my application online.
This took a while to get the first call from HR and schedule my interview, after that it was more relief and excited.

The interview took me half a day, it was composed by a technical session and a session with HR.

The funny part was the technical :) , you know why!

What i found on technical session?

I had a lots of questions and a surprise LAB!

This is what i remember so far….
What OSPF LSA do you know?And what is purpose of which one?
Multicast types, why use it?
Spanning-Tree versions,Timers,Port-roles, etc
Routing Protocols, timers

I also had a few general questions about LDAP, DNS, etc

LAB (30 minutes)

It was composed by 6 routers and 2/3 switches, and had technologies like MPLS,L3VPN, IS-IS,BGP,STP,VRF and much more

The first 20 minutes was to analyse the network and take notes to explain in 10 minutes what i saw and make some comments to improve the customer network.

The most challenging part for me was Presenting for a Technical and Business person, about a technology i had to choose among of OTV, FabricPath, VSS, etc and i picked up FabricPath and i did well :)


This part took 1 hour and a half maybe, a nice fellow explained me everything about the company and we went deep in my CV about all my previous experiences/projects why i left what made me move forward and so on.The benefits were really nice specially training and bonus :)

Offer or not?

Finally i received an offer, but i declined because of personal reasons….

DAMMIT! But it worthed by the experience!

Juniper bring in Design Track Certification

I´m excited with the latest announcement from Juniper about Design Track Certification, probably one of the most wanted and was until here a gap in Juniper Program (JNCP).
This will have two levels like the others Professional and Specialist, and split in Data Center, WAN and Security Track.

Design exam track
• JNCDA is the entry-level (Q2 release) certification to a larger certification track focused on network design, no prerequisite certification required (highly recommend JNDF, network
design background)
• Data center Specialist level exam coming in Q3


Shall we expect a JNCIE-DES(ign) for 2018?


Q115 Education and Certification webcast

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls 2015

Check Point Software Technologies and Palo Alto Networks still Leaders, since Cisco acquired Sourcefire and have launch FirePOWER we will see changes in Leadership i guess. SDN is another hot topic that will bring challenges for customers and vendors also.


Full Report on Report Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls 2015

Cisco ASA Compatibility Matrix

This is the amazing Matrix for Cisco ASA wicht  has compatibility about ASA OS, ASDM, Modules, Memory Kits with new and old boxes. I would add a Licensing bullet on this Cisco Doc, but is just my opinion.

This document lists the Cisco ASA software and hardware compatibility and requirements.


ASA and ASDM Compatibility

This section lists ASA and ASDM compatibility for current and lecisco asagacy ASA models.