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Cisco Catalyst reborn

Cisco announced a new platform, Catalyst 9k (fixed and modular), a new hit for the Enterprise Architecture.

Some of the benefits i’ve captured:

  • Secure segmentation with SD-Access
  • Unmatched 60W POE on every access port
  • DNA Center
  • IoT readiness
  • Cloud readiness
  • IOS-XE
  • UADP 2.0
  • StackWise Virtual
  • IEEE1588
  • MACsec256
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA)
  • Licensing mode changed (no info yet)

Catalyst 9300

Catalyst 9400

Catalyst 9500



Cisco ACS Config Factory Default

I’m running Cisco ACS 5.2, and this shouldn’t be common operation in Production but…..backup your licenses before you go ahead.

login as: admin
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Password:******cs/admin# acs reset-config
This command deletes the current ACS configuration
and resets the ACS configuration to factory defaults.Cisco recommends that you perform a backup before you execute this command.Are you sure you want to reset the configuration now? (yes/no) yes

Grab a coffee now, this will take a while around 20 minutes!

Stopping ACS.
Stopping Management and View………………….
Stopping Runtime…………….
Stopping Database……
Cleanup…..Resetting configuration to factory defaults.

Starting ACS ….

To verify that ACS processes are running, use the
‘show application status acs’ command.

acs/admin# show application status acs

Application initializing…
Status is not yet available.
Please check again in a minute.

acs/admin# show application status acs


  • Process ‘database’ running
    Process ‘management’ running
    Process ‘runtime’ running
    Process ‘view-database’ running
    Process ‘view-jobmanager’ running
    Process ‘view-alertmanager’ running
    Process ‘view-collector’ running
    Process ‘view-logprocessor’ running